The Chosin Few Are Definately The Chosin Ones To Be The Next Big Thing

The Chosin Few Are Definately The Chosin Ones To Be The Next Big ThingThere’s a refreshing feeling to discovering a new artist you know has put in a lot of time, energy, and love into their work. Hip Hop duo The Chosin Few from Stockton, California have officially been
putting out music together since 2006 and after taking it all in, I can wholeheartedly say that it would be a wise decision to check out their music. Their music is fresh out of the oven and will leave you wanting more with their most recent album “Million Dollar Plot.” “Going Crazy 6-6-06 Remix” serves as the introduction for the whole album and presents the duo as the self-described hardcore and hyphy musicians. “Devastation is Upon Us**” is completely different
than the song mentioned before. It’s heavy, dark, and touches on a subject that many rappers shy away from. Many people fail to realize that the world is slowly running its course. The song also questions our freedom with the lyrics “Freedom comes at a price.” While the song might make more sense to people who are conscious of the world around them, it is a song that can teach us all to be more self aware and take action. The Chosin Few’s clean production elevates this 15-track collection from a non-descript product to a notable contribution to the underground hip-hop scene. They are pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and are putting their heart and soul into their music. It’s hard to ignore the heart felt lyrics to “U.N Breakable” which highlights the group’s strength in not letting the negativity of the world get to them. They will always rise above and prevail. The group is currently playing shows through out Northern California so check them out!