Anna Vanessa: Temporada

Anna Vanessa ReviewAnna Vanessa comes from Colorado to bring you her album “Temporada.” It opens with “Cloudbusters.” You think something hard is coming from the intro and then her voice breaks through the tension and carries this innocence with it. One of the best tracks on the record is “Honeybee.” This is because it had this crisp yet odd feel to it. It reminds me of when Ingrid Michaelson first came out, before she went super mainstream and had a quirk to her sound. You can’t help but fall for the softness of the intro of “Watch Us Grow” and then get wrapped in the sweet verses and choruses that follow. Going back to the quirk, “Firewood Dreams” is just an odd one; not a huge fan of that one. Nevertheless, we end our time with Anna Vanessa with “AutoHeart.” The plucking of the guitar grabs you and as you’re waiting for the words to come in, you realize by the end they never did and that’s okay – you enjoyed yourself just fine. If you’re into folk music that has a pinch of indie pop, check out Anna Vanessa’s “Temporada,” out now. (