Worship with 4 H.I.S.Glory (Honor In Song)

4 H.I.S.Glory (Honor In Song) Review4 H.I.S.Glory (Honor In Song) is Gospel ensemble from District Heights, Maryland who want to reach the world through song. Their first song, “Time To Say Yes” has this great build up and it sounds like an early ’90s pop track but then it gets into worship mode when the vocals come in. Their voices blend beautifully together in this track as they spread the good Lord’s word and preach the importance of faith. With their other song, “Don’t Take Your Spirit,” they slow things down a bit and give you another side of their music. Here we have a lead vocalist who comes through with a very smooth and gentle delivery. He takes the lead while the whole group coming together at the chorus leads you through the rest of the way. If you’re a fan of Gospel music then you’ll want to check out 4 H.I.S.Glory (Honor In Song) and praise with them. (https://www.reverbnation.com/4hisgloryhonorinsong)