Rich Hall Takes Texas in a New Direction

Rich Hall ReviewRich Hall is a Texan stepping away from the Country. “Love It Or Leave It” isn’t what I expected it to be. I thought it’d be this love song that had a softer approach. Instead it had this cool vibe to it and was packed more sass in the delivery and style overall. When we roll into “Blame It On The Rain,” again, I thought it’d be something different but it was this mid-tempo delight that reminded me of ’80s soft rock. Finally we get that slow jam with “Heart Of The Matter.” Hall really brings it vocally here as he showcases the emotion behind his heartfelt words. Then we pick it back up and that ’80s feel is back but on a more dance club level. As we start to wind down with Hall, we reach “Revelations” and get a bit funky. As we wrap this up, we end on a fitting and lively ditty called “It’s Still Goodbye.” If you’re a fan of Richard Marx then you might want to do yourself a favor and check out Rich Hall and his synth rock intertwined with singer/songwriter music. (