Mackyntosh: Falling In Love

mackyntoch-falling-in-love-reviewMackyntosh’s “Falling in Love” is a record about all the aspects and realities of love done in a mature pop manner. “Murmurs” stays true to its title, that’s for sure. “When I Feel Alone” is a sweet song about not wanting to be solitary. Mackyntosh’s falsetto’s continues to be front and center in the chorus of “From a Distance.” Then you have the poppy ways of “Heart Wide Open” and the instrumental intro of “Peace of Mind” that sets up the song and doesn’t back down. “Sorry That I Wasn’t Enough” almost sounds like “Peanuts” gang when it starts…Comment if you agree. There’s not much to it but the simplicity works. If you’re into music that’s very AC but has pep, check out Mackyntosh’s “Falling in Love.” (