Ant WILD’s Phat Beats and Spitfire Rhymes

Ant WILD’s Phat Beats and Spitfire RhymesWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Welcome to the world of Ant WILD, the premier and fantastic new rapper with an aggressive sound in the style of E-40 or Busta Rhymes. This Sacramento native has rapped and spit lyrics all over California. His music uses effects, standard beats, and cool samples to dress up his thick, grungy voice. Ant WILD has arrived with a golden platter of songs that, while maybe not meant for ALL audiences, certainly will appease those who like rap and hip-hop.
Ant WILD’s song “Takeover” is an underground favorite that has a very angst-filled, angry tone. The lyrics are in-your-face and the beat is strong. The chorus of guys chanting in the background lifts up Ant WILD’s voice as he rhymes about his take over. The Ant uprising is coming, and “Takeover” is only the beginning. The song “Monster” samples some classical music to great effect. The song lifts off and shoots into outer space, though, as Ant WILD comes in wielding his tongue like a rapier. His grizzly, angered voice tells us how a monster lives within him, and he continues to explain how “ill” his spitting is.

Other notable songs by Ant WILD are “Strugglin’,” and “Blame It (On the Ant WILD) the G-Mix),” which is a sample of Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It.”

If you’d like to hear more from Ant WILD, then you should definitely listen to all his music. It’s captivating and interesting as it borrows from classics and contemporaries alike. Give Ant WILD a try. He won’t bite; he may just rhyme your ears right off. Explore Ant WILD’s ant hill here: