Benjamin Thomas Here To Bring Inspiration Into Your Life

Benjamin Thomas Here To Bring Inspiration Into Your LifeMissing a little inspiration in your life? Benjamin Thomas is here to bring light to these dark times. Benjamin’s passion for music is you could say genetic. His family has immersed themselves in the musical activities ever since Benjamin could remember. His father sang in gospel groups and played a variety of instruments, always filling the house with sweet sounds. However, Benjamin had other plans
and for personal reasons decided to pursue a life in business. Ultimately, music would find its way back into Benjamin’s life. In 2011, a peculiar melody along with solid lyrics began to creep up on him leaving him no choice but to put it down on paper. Unknowingly, this was the beginning of his musical career. The song has already been praised by fans and critics within the Washington, DC area. The intro to the song has an African drum vibe before bringing in the alluring sounds of an violin and piano. As the chorus hits his refined and soulful voice reminds us of the importance of sharing the love “It doesn’t
matter what color you are we all gifts to share, I hope you touch someone.” The songs beautiful
message will become a staple for Benjamin and we hope he continues to spread the love.