Penning Down the Toils and Troubles of an Aching Heart: Eclectic Neela Litchi Unveils Stirring New Single

Sharing an immersive and relatable story using her dynamic musical style, Neela Litchi weaves together a masterpiece with her soulful new release, “Revealing”.

Baltimore, MD — An honest and soul-stirring new release, “Revealing” lays bare the realities of life and love, narrating the burning and raw tale of loving someone that doesn’t love you back. The stunning new single showcases the artist’s musical expertise, highlighting the diverse talents that she has to offer to listeners.

Having released on November 18th, 2021, “Revealing” follows up on the artist’s previous releases, which include: “Senseless Fool”, “Traces of Water”, and the debut single, “Wicked Pandemic”.

An up-and-coming independent singer-songwriter, Neela Litchi stands out with her original yet relatable musical compositions, rooted within reality. Independently creating her music from start to finish, the dynamic artist remains motivated by a burning passion to showcase her stories and narratives with the world, giving listeners what they are looking for.

“My self and my music are very unique because my songs [and their] lyrics are based on reality and the sound and delivery are also different from what people are familiar with,” says Neela Litchi regarding her musical compositions.

Inspired to discover her voyage in music, Neela Litchi is hopeful that “Revealing” will strike all the right chords among fans of her genre, and bring her one step closer to her dream and vision of succeeding in the industry. The artist’s goal remains reaching as many people as possible, and for her music to be discovered. Sharing her passion with the world, Neela Litchi aims to continue writing and producing wonderful music.

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Neela Litchi is a talented and creative singer-songwriter, who remains driven to captivate listeners with his enriching musical compositions. A seasoned lyricist, Neela works in the healthcare sector and has been penning down lyrics for several years, formally piloting her journey as a recording artist in 2020.

Breaking into the musical sphere with her first recording titled, “Wicked Pandemic”, the eclectic artist channeled all her real and raw feelings, as the world reeled through a deadly disease in 2020, exploring her artistic energy. “Wicked Pandemic” was followed by “Traces of water”, “Senseless Fool”, and her latest release, “Revealing”. With each scintillating new release, Neela Litchi is driven to stun listeners and mesmerize audiences with her musical prowess.


Neela Litchi
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