Global Collective Sets Eyes on A Global Audience: New Release “Freedom” Shows the Range of the United World Orchestra

The music of United World Orchestra, like their band, is a global phenomenon that is due to introduce viewers to a wide musical palate, expanding their tastes

West Hills, California — December 2nd, 2021 –  United World Orchestra is a collective that aims to show the vast diversity that exists in music. There exist a wide number of different musical traditions that go back generations and hundreds of years. Most of these forms of music go unexplored by the common people, as their greatness goes unappreciated since they are not bought out into the mainstream.

United World Orchestra hopes to fix this unique issue, by bringing together musicians from vast disparate places, and giving them the resources to craft their own music no holds barred. Not only does U.W.O. allow the musicians of disparate locations to come together, and work as a collective, the project also allows for musicians to construct their own craft projects that normally would not have been possible without a centralizing force to move it along.

The result of this was the creation of the music of United World Orchestra , with music ranging from all genres of pop, rock, reggae, and fusion. The group is not devoted to any one style of music, and with their variety they allow for U.W.O. to keep their music fresh, and distinctive, but also overtime take into account the various traditions and trends of music globally. In this vein, the new single by United World Orchestra, “Freedom ( on the other side of pain),”  from the upcoming album SONG BE is here to stun listeners. Written and produced by SMITTY and Phillip Moore

The music of  United World Orchestra can be found on Spotify. You can connect with them via their socials on Facebook.



Founded by SMITTY,  United World Orchestra was established with one aim, to bring together musicians from disparate parts of the world where they ought not have the resources to craft the music that they wanted to. To allow all of them to create art that they would not have the chance to do back home. In addition to all of this, the aim of the collective was to create a group  where the intersection of these different traditions of music should be crafted for any of those wanting to do so.

Since that time  United World Orchestra has gone to recruit musicians from all across the world, bringing to light voices from Japan, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Australia, Mexico, and America in an effort to create a truly diverse and all-encompassing band of music


United World Orchestra
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