Cheryl Angela Is Serenading The World With Her Peaceful Music

Cheryl Angela Is Serenading The World With Her Peaceful MusicCheryl Angela is a gifted Harp player from Nottingham, England. Since childhood Chery has had a deep appreciation for things that many of us take for granted such as; all things art, beauty in the world, and the spirituality that surrounds us increasing our awareness of not only our surroundings, but also ourselves. Music is one of the many things that continue to take Cheryl on her spiritual journey. Her
ability to be a therapist through her Harp playing has helped people all around the world get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. One of her many original compositions “Moon Shining On Water”, is very soothing and allows for a piece of mind. The track is beautifully arranged and should be listened to when under stress or just having the feeling of closing your eyes and getting lost in your thoughts. The track has no sudden rhythmic changes and is the type of music that is known to to produce satisfying effects in your brain (the brain shifts to issuing alpha waves). It facilitates the circulation of subtle energy through your body
and makes to relax your breathing and clear your mind. If you ever need to renew your spirit, then Cheryl music is the perfect choice. Let her relaxing music swift you away into unknown lands. Her new album “A Sacred Journey” is on sale. You don’t want to
miss out.