Antha Lee, Guelph Based Singer-Songwriter Releases A New Track

Highly motivated and driven, the “Go Getter” artist is set out to inspire all

Guelph, Ontario, Canada – May 1st, 2021 – When it comes to lifting spirits and seeking the brighter side of life, there is no better way to do so than through music. Artist Antha Lee is all set to release a new single, “Go Getter,” which is all about taking life by the horns.

For singer and songwriter Antha Lee, her music has a unique place in her life – her music career is a representation and an encapsulation of her battles. The artist considers music as her diary through which she attempts to introspect, express inner strength and who she is as a person.

Antha Lee wants her listeners to be able to relate to her life struggles through her music. Empathizing with the pain and dark life experiences people go through in their lives, the artist wants her music to be a beacon of hope and help listeners out of their tough times. Particularly impactful on her compositions, the pandemic has also further inspired her to help as many people as possible via her singing.

Antha Lee, a mother, draws motivation from him to keep on pursuing her passion. The artist wants to be a role model to her son and wishes to teach him the value of resilience and persistence through her musical career. Furthermore, never having given up on her passion for music, Antha Lee also wants to pass this crucial lesson on to her son and other people.

The singer and songwriter first fell in love with singing as a young girl when she sang hymns for the Church choir. Her grandmother encouraged her love for music and brought her to her first karaoke and singing competition at thirteen. Antha Lee has pursued her love for singing from her teens even as she fought through hardships side by side. Understanding the struggles of being a new artist, she wants to give back to new and upcoming artists by sharing her knowledge over the years. Currently, Antha Lee is involved in a local community program that helps young artists by getting them started and educated.
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Samantha Lee Davis was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. Like most people, she has had her fair share of pain that has made her the person she is today. The artist is proud of her pain and acknowledges all the greatness she has achieved due to her experiences. Now twenty-seven, Samantha wants to guide people through their difficult times through her music.



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