Antone “Chooky” Caldwell’s Instrumental Soul

Antone “Chooky” Caldwell can not only give you an instrumental, but a song chalked full of soul. “Good Lord” is a funky instrumental that really just sends out good vibes all around. With “Whatever It Takes” you get this mid-tempo track that has a bit of romance to it. Then “Consuela’s Star Child” and “A Touch of Latin” showcase the well, Latin side of what Antone “Chooky” Caldwell can do. Much to my surprise, there were lyrics in “One 4 Me.” I’d gotten used to grooving to the music but wow, Antone really has a set of pipes on him. His voice is silky and really hits the spot. Lyrics were found again with “Back Again.” Not sure if this guy has ever tried out for a singing competition – but he should. While I was enjoying what he was doing with the instrumentals, R&B is where he belongs and shines bright. If you’re either into hearing the musical components to a song or really looking for a new voice to attach yourself to, check out Antone “Chooky” Caldwell today. (

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  • A hard working man!!!! With a great team.

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