Chris Medowbrook’s Voice Will Make You Melt

Chris Medowbrook was born in Jamaica but has been a New Yorker for a decade now. In all that time he’s utilized his natural given talents to become one of the up and coming R&B artists out there. “Make Up” clearly shows off Chris’ vocal abilities in this very beautifully sung song of giving things another chance. Then you get “Let’s.” You can’t help but swoon and wish this one was written and performed for you. And while you don’t want to be the victim of a broken heart, “Broken Hearted Girl” is a song you can’t help but attach yourself to it from the start. Rounding things out with Chris Medowbrook is “All Night” and it’s the icing on the romance cake from this guy. If you’re into the essential sounds of R&B, check out Chris Medowbrock ASAP. (