Got Beatz? Josiah Gomez Does

Josiah Gomez ReviewJosiah Gomez is a beat maker from the US who’s got the basics down. “It’s Getting There” is a pretty basic beat that keeps it simple. He keeps it more or less the same with “DJ Knockout Sick Beat.” This one sounds more like it would sit pretty with a dance artist who was doing a slowed down number. Josiah’s “Hip Hop Beat! Heavy Bass” steps things up just a bit but is still on the softer side. It’s a quick on at 50 seconds and in that time I wasn’t sure where the heavy bass was. The best to get someone moving though came from “JosiahJDog Beat.” It had the most kick to it. If you’re a beats freak, then you’ll want to take a chance on Josiah Gomez and check him out. (