Excavscan Music Serves Up the Instrumentals

Excavscan Music ReviewAll we get from Excavscan Music is a lot of instrumental tracks that each have their own personality going on. “I am Me” has this easygoing, dance feel going on. Like, you can groove to it but not in a bump and grind kind of way. Then you have the futuristic sounds of “Here We Go.” It’s almost primal yet still a little stellar. Speaking of, then you have “Alien Sound” that is truly out of this world. You get something different with “Hear Ur Voice.” This one reminded me of a movie scene at the start of a film. The opening credits are rolling while this song played as the background to the main character’s start of his day. If you’re into instrumental music, but more modern takes on it then check out Excavscan Music today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/excavscanmusic)