Kasha Leo Soulful Pop

Kasha Leo ReviewKasha Leo is the next pop artist looking to take over with her soul filled, catchy ways. “Now I Know” is a pretty relatable song that anyone who’s ever been in that kind of relationship that’s full of struggle – is it worth it? You’re stuck debating the pros and cons and trying to come to terms of what to really do about that person. “Did Me Wrong” has a more urban vibe that really adds to the track and gives it something a little extra on top of the already smooth vibe that was going on. Kasha really takes you on a different path with “Pardon My Delay” and slows it down and really showcases her vocal abilities well. If you’re into pop music that has more of a vocal base, then check out Kasha Leo now. (https://www.youtube.com/user/KashaLeoVEVO/videos)