Man Full of Holes Eerie Rock

man full of holes reviewMan Full of Holes is guy with rock in his heart that’s ready to share that with the world. “Spiral Staircase” starts off right away and definitely has its own unique style in the music department. It’s got a lot of things going on, on top of driving home the idea of this spiral staircase. When it comes to “Alchemy’s Secret Fire,” the intro sounded like something from “The Munsters” but once Man Full of Holes gets to it, it’s a song that’s all his own. He brings it fast and pumps up the adrenaline. Then, just like that he slows it down with “The Dream.” The laughs towards the end make it a little eerie…But moving on…You can join Man Full of Holes on his journey now by checking him out and hoping on the bus, train, plane – whatever it is he’s taking. (