Anson The Joey Rocks It Out

Anson The Joey ReviewYou don’t hear a lot coming out of Iowa, but that was until the rocker who dabbles in experimental things Anson The Joey came to be known. You’re introduction to this guy’s music is a song based on his moniker, “Anson The Joey.” It sets you up for what’s to come from him and gives off a very true blue rocker vibe that sits somewhere between the ’80s and early ’90s. “Toughly Rough” actually starts off soft and pretty much remains that way the entire time. It’s rock, but not as full throttle as the last. Anson The Joey is a multi-genre artist and that shows             with “True With It.” The rock is no longer present; instead you get this experimental electronic track with lyrics – something the rock didn’t bring to the table. He kind of combines his forces when it comes to “Mellow Me Height.” It almost sounds like it could’ve been on the mix for an ’80s prom. If you’re into the decade that brought you “The Breakfast Club” and hair bands, check out Anson The Joey today. (