Beating Around with Matty Jonez

matty-jonez-reviewWhen it comes to a cascade of beats that vary from one to the other, Matty Jonez is your man. Do you remember when Goosebumps became a TV show and had that creepy theme song? Well “Tool Up” sounds like a remixed version of that with some new beats tossed in. Things take a complete turn with “Monster.” It’s upbeat and very night out at the dance club. Things are always changing for this guy’s music…from the club the sweet sounds of the metropolitan area with “Skyline,” Matty Jonez has a lot of the bases covered. I felt a Middle Eastern influence when it came to the beat of “Knuckle Down.” Now all you have to do it check out Matty today if you’re the type of gal or guy who like their music beat-tastic. (