“Any Moment” by Le Sonic (feat. Robert Lee)

Sometimes, slowing down a tempo can facilitate an appreciation of sonic detail like nothing else possibly could, and this is definitely true of the new Robert Lee-featured “Any Moment” by Le Sonic. Combining a casual blend of jazz and soft, almost surreal melodicism of the most modern variety, Le Sonic produces a trance of a track in “Any Moment” punctuated only by the sophisticated drawl of Robert Lee, and to me, its value as a soundtrack to an otherwise boring afternoon in the autumn is immeasurable. Relaxing and rhythmically enticing, this is as high quality a listen as indie fans could ask for. 

SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS: https://sleepingbagstudios.ca/le-sonic-any-moment-feat-robert-lee/

“Any Moment” wasn’t mixed with any specific instrumental component ahead of another, but between the strings, the percussion, and the vocals, there’s a swanky balance that reminds me of an intimate nightclub filled with hopeful romantics. It’s rather striking just how simplistically the different parts in this song come together, and even without any lyrics beyond the two words comprising the title, there’s still a lot of emotion being expressed to us on all fronts. You don’t have to be an avant-garde fan to love this, but those who appreciate the left side of the pop music spectrum will find this as sensuous as it is endearing. 

Robert Lee’s vocal is used ever so sparingly here, but I think this was important to maximize the luster of the instrumentation. He doesn’t have to croon more than a couple of words to us, and instantly a sense of calm and catharsis washes over the audience like a hot shower after a night spent out in the cold. This is an inviting track with a vibe that goes on for miles, and its music video is a good extension of the mood its melodies set forth. 

The bottom-end is exceptionally well produced in “Any Moment,” and I think it’s clear that Le Sonic didn’t rush into any part of the composing and recording process here. There’s a lot of presence to the bass, the drums, the very foundation of the song, but it doesn’t become so muscular that we aren’t able to appreciate the frilliness of the guitar parts or, for that matter, what Lee is giving up behind the mic. You can’t hurry a harmony as profound as the one in this single, and it’s clear to me these players did anything but. 

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/fm/album/any-moment-feat-robert-lee-single/1576862353

Over the years I’ve found that simpler songs tend to win the race towards perfection in both jazz and pop music the same, and Le Sonic’s “Any Moment” is a single and video that really does prove as much just with its existence. The collaboration between Robert Lee and this band is one that I don’t think anyone should take for granted, and no matter which genre camp you want to stick this performance in, what “Any Moment” is made of was created especially for the serious music enthusiast normally unimpressed with the industry standard. Le Sonic isn’t revolutionizing melodies here but instead making the simplest, sexiest beats they can. 

Zachary Rush