This Album Is ‘Different,’ Literally And Metaphorically

This Album Is ‘Different,’ Literally And Metaphorically

Emerging Canadian born musician releases a hot new debut album listeners will love

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — October 16th, 2021 – Evan Croft, a rising artist from Canada is managing to accomplish a feat not many new artists can accomplish with their early releases. Ambitious and creative, Evan released his debut album earlier this year, on May 14th, 2021. The artist made this album available through his independent label, Croft Media Productions. This album, titled ‘Different,’ was a team effort involving accomplished musicians, was produced by Digital Beatz, CeasarBeats, Jaywan, OGE Beats, and Pink Fader. Guest appearances by Lexxicon, Multiszn, and Trilla Ace. The involvement of diverse talents is also one of the features that make this album worth the listener’s while.

Aptly named ‘Different,’ the debut album’s lyrical content covers a wide variety of topics. The initial songs consist of party music, easing all types of listeners into Croft’s music. The party music then transitions to love songs, followed by personal and introspective music to inspirational songs. The trajectory followed by Croft is unconventional, if not ambitious. However, the risk of incorporating diverse content has paid off, resulting in a debut album loved by listeners. Croft attributes this broad range of lyrical content to his life experiences – one could say the album follows Croft’s life and the different situations he has gone through.

Croft’s music inspirations include the likes of Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Chris Brown, Logic, and Ne-Yo. Just like how these musicians have inspired him, Croft’s goal is to inspire others and make them feel real emotions. Plans for the future include an EP in 2022 and the second album in 2023. Evan Croft is in no rush and intends on producing great music that matters.

Meanwhile, the artist encourages readers to listen and to buy his debut album. He also welcomes feedback and reviews from listeners. For more information and collaboration with Croft, he can be contacted on his socials. For more information on the artist, please click here.




A Canadian-born musician, Evan Croft’s ultimate goal is to set the bar higher and higher. He is always on the lookout for creative possibilities because the sky is the limit for Croft. The artist isn’t afraid to experiment, and it shows in his music. Blurring the lines between hip-hop, electronic, pop, and R&B, Croft creates instantly likable music.


Evan Croft
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