Arpa D.’s New Album Promises An Emotional Journey

Album Is Dedicated To Uplifting Humanity

Como, Italy – October 27, 2020 – Pop star Arpa D. is getting fans hyped for the upcoming release of his latest album. “We Don’t Care” is not just an album for fun, it is an album that brings out strong emotions for change.

“We Don’t Care” features the emotional voice of Arpa D. singing lyrics about “peace, hope, anti-discrimination, non-violence, change, freedom, and justice.” The music’s powerful message is backed up by talented instrumentals. Arpa D. wants the album to encourage listeners to explore their world and make a positive change in it. The songs are an inspiration anthem to make the world a better place. “We Don’t Care” will be released on streaming platforms worldwide in November.

Arpa D. studied the piano, guitar, and singing as a young child. His love for music took him to play in concerts, musical events, as well as participating in competitions and festivals between Europe and the United States. Arpa D. is well on his way to international stardom.

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