*Artex* Rocks Through It All

artex-review*Artex* has been through a lot with the constant being Lee Flores. Through the ups and downs, he’s managed to create music along the way. “Betrayal of a Lover (Acoustic)” compared to the original is just a bit softer, but you can still here the rock come out. “Endless Thoughts & Weightless Memories (Acoustic)” is another one where you can still tell it’s a rocker singing due to the grit in the vocals and the pinch of anger heard in the delivery. “Wait 4 U” straddles the line of going for it and teeters between a song that could break your face with noise or one that might just loosen you up. I’d like to hear it a bit more amped up. “Alone-n-a-Box” has some thrashing qualities and really gives you a 90’s alternative vibe, while “Untold” does the same along with “One Night.” The strength of *Artex* comes from their alternative ways and ability to still be a rock band even when he takes it easy. If you like bands like Breaking Benjamin and 12 Stones, you may want to check out *Artex*. (https://www.reverbnation.com/leeflores)

One thought on “*Artex* Rocks Through It All

  • Hello,
    This is Lee Flores from ARTEX, I just wanted to thank IMR for giving ARTEX this review, I’m really excited about this, it’s just another step in the right direction and another goal achieved. In the end all I want is for everyone out there to enjoy listening to ARTEX and hopefully become a fan of the music. There will be newer songs coming in the near future, new sounds, and great writing. I hope everyone out there will keep an ear out for ARTEX, because it’s far from over! ARTEX still on the rise!!
    Thanks to everyone involved in this review and I really hope you enjoyed listening to ARTEX!

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