*Artex* Rocks Through It All

artex-review*Artex* has been through a lot with the constant being Lee Flores. Through the ups and downs, he’s managed to create music along the way. “Betrayal of a Lover (Acoustic)” compared to the original is just a bit softer, but you can still here the rock come out. “Endless Thoughts & Weightless Memories (Acoustic)” is another one where you can still tell it’s a rocker singing due to the grit in the vocals and the pinch of anger heard in the delivery. “Wait 4 U” straddles the line of going for it and teeters between a song that could break your face with noise or one that might just loosen you up. I’d like to hear it a bit more amped up. “Alone-n-a-Box” has some thrashing qualities and really gives you a 90’s alternative vibe, while “Untold” does the same along with “One Night.” The strength of *Artex* comes from their alternative ways and ability to still be a rock band even when he takes it easy. If you like bands like Breaking Benjamin and 12 Stones, you may want to check out *Artex*. (http://www.reverbnation.com/leeflores)

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