Papa J: A 70-year-old True Bluesman, who almost died twice, still hits the stage every night

Orange County, CA – July 20, 2019 – When you think of Blues Music in Orange County, you cannot forget about Papa J as he is one of the passionate souls behind it. Awarded as the “Entertainer of the Year” in 2010 in the Los Angeles Music Awards and also as the Blues Artist of the Year in 2012. Over the last few years serious medical problems have slowed Papa J down but after almost dying twice, he has come back to still play with the energy and style that he is known for. He’s almost 70 years of age and still hits the stage every night with the energy of a guy half his age.

A showman by nature and musician by instinct Papa J’s stage presence and energy is undeniably huge to anyone who’s seen him perform. From his contagious smile to his gut wrenching vocals he puts a thousand percent into making every performance mean something special to every person watching and it sure works on me. When you hear the Crosscust Deluxe at their passionate high, you start to think that “You are never too old”. But according to the band members, it is the Blues keeps you alive.

Papa J Hudson along with his Band the Crosscut Delux is doing his best to keep the blues music alive and kicking in OC. Papa J can be called as the passionate proponent of the Blues Music in the Orange County as he occupied the Blues Ambassador for Orange County and also played a key role in forming the OC Blues Society. He was also one the brains behind the yearly Real OC Blues Festival. For the better part of two decades, the affable harmonica player/vocalist has entertained countless numbers of fans in venues ranging from the House of Blues (both the Anaheim and L.A. locations) to the Doheny Blues Festival and more with a spirited brand of Chicago-style Jump/Blues.

According to Papa J, “I have been playing music for a very long time, and the blues has been a very good friend during many years of that time. I want to share my love of the blues with people, and it has been an ever-growing love affair. We are part of the same family. If you have had a flat tire at 2 in the morning, you have had the blues. If you have lost a sweetheart you have had the blues”.

He goes on to add “It’s a human condition. What is cool is sharing those feelings with others. When you get to stand on stage and give your interpretation of a great classic or play one of you own tunes you get to express that “at the moment feeling” to the crowd and if you can do it right you know that they understand. God Bless the Blues!!”. 

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About the Band
Crosscut Delux is comprised of long-time friends who met each other at the OC Blues Players meetup group and went on to form the Blues band Crosscut Deluxe. The band is headed by guitarist and vocalist, Richard Hassebrock and Papa J Hudson(Vocals & Harp). This is not your typical Blues Act. They work to make every show a surprise.


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