Genre-shaping! Contrasting Smoky Vocals with Energetic Music: This is Cabal Central

With compelling compositions released since September 2021 and much more to be released over the coming months, emerging Liverpool group Cabal Central is swiftly rising through the ranks

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom —January 11th, 2022 – Up-and-coming band Cabal Central is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. With unparalleled musical capabilities and expertise in the crossing of various genres, the band can be seen making it big pretty soon. Cabal Central released a brand new single titled “Love Lane” towards the end of last year following their debut single ‘The Tempest’.

With the release of ‘Love Lane’, the band is looking forward to getting their unique and original sound out there and bringing music lovers from all around the world towards their music. With the help of their meaningful tunes, Cabal Central wants to be there for their fans and help them relate to life’s twists and turns while looking forward to connecting with them on a personal level. Featuring uniquely smoky vocals and harmonious melodies, “Love Lane” is a tune that is bound to attract licenses in films, commercials, and general television. The outstanding hooks incorporated throughout the song have a uniquely modern Electronic sound which sits in harmonious contrast with its retro roots, which is arguably a combination of electric blues and rock n’ roll. This is a new sound because they keep their approach fluidly open for new ideas and inspirations that would blend in smoothly with their original sonic compass.

This approach to their creative process has provided the artists with a unique musical style and direction that doesn’t necessarily fit a specific genre, rather straddling several or sounding like an entirely new and different category. Currently available on all major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world, “Love Lane” was released on 19th November, 2021. The tagline for the song states that “Love Lane” is ‘A song from behind the veil of the ignored, the unfortunate, the unloved, and the forgotten human souls we all see’. It has received critical acclaim from BBC Radio Merseyside, various DJ’s and Movie Producers after several plays. Apart from the digital version of the song available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, a music video for “Love Lane” was also released on YouTube. Cabal Central’s musical journey continues as they craft their songs with unique sounds and poignant lyrics which focus on impactful topics. They aim to go on tour in 2022 and 2023, playing at various festivals across the UK, USA and Europe.

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Cabal Central was formed in 2021 by 2 long-time friends (Sean Delaney & Stu Shaw). They became good friends at the age of 14, then Stu went to live in Liverpool at the age of 19. They lost touch for many years, but, fortunately, reconnected thanks to social media.

Making music together was something they talked about all those years ago. It took until 2021 to make that happen. Cabal Central is based in Liverpool, England, which is one of the most highly respected cities in the world for music.


Cabal Central
Name: Cabal Central – Sean Delaney & Stu Shaw
Email: [email protected]




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