Montaz Reps Philly Down South with a Pair of Solid Mixtapes

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines Out Now


Suwanee, Georgia – July 16, 2019 – While he may live in the south now, Montaz comes through with a sound that represents not only his Philly roots but his wide array of influences growing up from Big L to Smooth Da Hustle to Wutang to Eminem. All of that and then some went into making not one, but two new mixtapes available now; Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines.

Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines boast confidence and charisma on a cascade of tracks that showcase exactly the type of emcee Montaz is. Songs like “Fuck Ya’ll” and “Fuck Everyone” off Da Underground reflect Montaz’s anguish while Behind Enemy Lines“Bandwagon” and “Lyrical Exhibition” explore his way with words and artistry.

A fan of hip hop since he was in diapers, Montaz grew up loving the genre more than anything. As he moved from one side of Philly to another and eventually down to Georgia, hip hop was always his way of escaping reality when times got tough. At 19 he finally decided that instead of just taking it in, he’d create his own with hopes that one day his music would be the solace of another.

Montaz is currently busy promoting Da Underground and Behind Enemy Lines, while simultaneously working on his debut, D.A.M.N., which features the lead single “Horror English.” Those interested in adding Montaz’s music to their playlists, reviewing it for their site, or interviewing him can reach out via the information provided below.


Montaz is a Philly born emcee who now resides down south. To date, he has two newly released mixtapes and has his debut album on the way.

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