The New Generation of Music: Lauria Is On Her Way

Canada — Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 — Lauria is constantly releasing new music.  This month it’ll be “My Love” a sensual rhythm for late nights and spending time appreciating subtilities of music. In the style of The Weeknd, Lauria newest single is different from her first two pop-centered bops, but just as committed to Lauria personal style.

Fans of the recent trends of pop meet trap will appreciate Lauria’s latest single. Losing Me and I Got Me, Lauria’s first singles were soft pops songs, written for the average girl going through heartbreak. My Love is all about preventing the heartbreak: The sensuality in a woman’s confidence that can be heard in the instrumentality of the song: everything anyone’s looking for in a late night bop. My Love will be available everywhere, including all streaming platforms as well as YouTube. The date? Valentine’s Day. For the single ladies out there, happy and proud with themselves.

“When I write a song it’s about a feeling, even if it isn’t mine. I want to write works that are relatable to people’s own experiences.” – Lauria

“She could be a huge pop star. She could rock arenas and pack stadiums full of people to see a wild, elaborate show with lights and flames and sparkling set designs. She could mix ballads in with fiery anthems of nightclub destruction and unstoppable dance fever. The success of “Losing Me” is going to present Lauria with a lot of options moving forward. No matter which way she goes, I hope she stays true to the persona that she’s introduced us to here. » – Mob Angeles

Lauria’s New Single is dropping Valentine’s Day. Be ready for the anthem of late-night car rides, setting the moods for great evenings and more.

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Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé awoke her passion for singing when she was only two. As a child, she was part of the choir of her church.  From her first year in high school, Lauria became known as ‘the singer’ of her group, spending every lunch hour in the music class. She performed on stage at her school several times, published several videos on YouTube and took singing lessons. Eventually, she crossed paths with a band in 2016 called NewDayz with whom she sang co-lead alongside her cousin performing pop/reggae fusion until they disbanded less than one year later.

Currently studying at Concordia University, Lauria’s favorite times are really in the studio.  “I’m happiest in front of the microphone when I know we’re turning a small idea into something that will matter. Every time I leave a recording session, I feel euphoria”… “Since I was a kid, another one of my uncles (who is now my manager) said he’d make me famous. “Now we’re ready!”


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