Exclusive Interview with Emily Daccarett

Are you playing anywhere live this summer? 

We will be playing live in the fall……but maybe we can squeeze a gig or two  before the summer ends!!!  

Jamming with anyone on your set? 

Yes, I’ll be bringing on my friend Natasha Vora to join us for a song or two! She is  an amazing singer and can’t wait to get on stage with her again. 

Where do you want to go play most? 

I really want to play at the Whiskey Go Go, there is so much history in this venue.  I feel like it’s a rite of passage if you are a musician based in LA.  

How much fun do you have on stage? 

It’s a surreal experience. In that moment you connect with the audience, the  stage, your bandmates, and your music. It suddenly all becomes one and nothing  can compare with that feeling. I have so much fun, it’s so liberating. 

Are you excited for anything coming up? 

Yeah! I’m excited for my album to drop!! It’s been pushed three times now, but  what we are doing with spatial audio feels like it’s worth the wait. At least, that’s  my hope!! I just want my listeners to have a good time. I wanted this album to feel  like an immersive experience, one that encourages them to dream.  

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