Ascendants Set for Rare Two-Album Release

“Soulprogtronic” – the only way to describe the musical versatility of this band

Detroit, Michigan – May 15th, 2021 – The collaboration of singer, songwriter, composer, and femme fatale, Avery Piantedosi and enigmatic producer Dwight Deville – collectively known as Ascendants, are set to perform a rare two-album release on May 18th, 2021.

If you love music that is not constrained to a single genre and want to be surprised with new and exciting fusions, then the Ascendants are for you. Making the two-album release even more groundbreaking, the project will be releasing both albums – “Calling” and “The Garden,” as well as their December 2020 debut ‘Quarantine,’ as limited-edition Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Ascendant’s have already received plenty of appreciation from their fans and critics. Ian Koss, indie music taste-maker, radio DJ, and author of the Lacking Organization podcast, says of the Ascendants, “This producer-songwriter duo invests electronic beats and heavily textured arrangements with soaring vocals, sometimes wordless but always emotive.” Evocative and inspiring, listeners will experience the music as a deeply emotional journey. The band has already been showcased on numerous radio shows and podcasts, highlighting their amalgamation of innovative beats, sophisticated arrangements, and Avery’s soaring vocals, often the focus of praise due to her tremendous range.

Beyond the band’s musical talent, there is a rich quality to their music stemming from the seamless layering of various influences in their compositions, something quite intentional on the band’s part. Avery was trained in classical music but grew up steeped in Detroit soul, rock, and club beats, and producer Dwight Deville has a particular knack for bending genres; the result is emphatic, multi-layered, and pleasantly surprising. Listeners will enjoy fusions of electronic, jazz, house, techno, and other genres as they listen to the soulful vocals. Aptly, the band calls their style “Soulprogtronic.”

Considering the band’s musical maturity and diversity, fans may be surprised to know that the Ascendants only recently came together in the last year. They wrote and recorded their first album, “Quarantine” during the COVID pandemic lockdown. Located more than a thousand miles apart, Ascendants managed to overcome the distance and access to limited equipment for their celebrated debut. In the past twelve months, the prolific collaborators have recorded an astounding amount of music, totaling twelve albums to date.

The band plans to release each album as a limited edition VIP merchandise package with NFT, signed merch, and several other surprise goodies. For more information on Ascendants, please visit their website.





The Ascendants is an alternative, multi-genre band dabbling in dance, electronic, experimental, and progressive rock. Their compositions are soulful yet do not fit neatly into any of the categories above, making listening to their music a distinct experience. The Ascendants wish to make the world better through their music.



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