Ashley J – “Unbreakable” Single

Ashley J – “Unbreakable” Single


It’s funny how music can change. It’s so malleable; you could hear it in one setting and hate it, vowing to never again let such filth invade your eardrums again. I’m referring to sonic pop by the way. Then, you could hear it at a different time, in a different situation, a different artist and see something in it that you never considered. It’s not just to down to peer pressure, either. You could be listening to a song on repeat in the morning that by night time you can’t stand. Basically, music isn’t just a meal in itself, to really enjoy it you need to be in the right frame of mind, as well as a situation where you can enjoy it.

When I turned on the single “Unbreakable” by singer-songwriter Ashley J, I actually was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. I probably wasn’t giving her the best chance for success as I must be honest. Some artists are a bit over the top about their songwriting. It’s just feels as if they are selling something under a false pretence lacking a real and genuine sense of musical inspiration. I mean give me something I can feel! Today it feels like many artists out there are going through the motions and how appropriate none of it provides real inspiration. Where am I going with his? None of the above applies to Ashley J and her music. I was sold on her during the first few seconds of “Unbreakable.” I might add as I drifted in and out of uncomfortable sleep, hazy static and sporadic bursts of music punctuated my dreams I realized this lady believes and feels every stroke, every note, every song she sang. I played this single probably 4 times and found something out of this single that soothed my inner skepticism. On the second listen, slightly more conscious this time, I began to pick out the sounds somewhere between Allie X and Sabrina Carpenter. Bending elements of catchy pop-infused melodies and powerful singer-songwriter one can’t help but fall madly in love with. This is the perfect single to let you go. This is a compliment as Ashley J manages to transcend space and time, no matter what state of mind you’re in. This track will make a lasting impression on you. This CD will not go in my “reviewed pile” rather it will go on my Spotify indefinitely.

The mix works and the somewhat dreamy precision and concentrated themes meshed with Ashley J’s clairvoyance makes for some top quality music. Like I mentioned I was sold on Ashley J during the first few seconds of “Unbreakable” and I kept waiting for a blemish or disappointing moment to emerge – which never happened through to the end. Ashley J is for real. It’s these types of artists that make it all the way to the top of our hearts.


Kevin Kalmer