Assaf Kehati – Naked


Assaf Kehati – Naked

Label: AKJazz

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Score 8/10

BIO: Jazz guitarist and composer Assaf Kehati arrived to the USA in 2007 and after a short time he has made waves in the jazz scene by working with such names as George Garzone, Eli Degibri, Anat Cohen, Ferenc Nemeth, Donny McCaslin, Seamus Blake and legendary drummers Victor Lewis (Woody Shaw, Stan Getz) and Billy Hart (Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery). Mr. Kehati has performed at some of the world’s leading venues as Blue Note, NYC; Washington D.C. Jazz Festival; MuzEnergo Jazz Festival, Russia; New England Cable News, Tel Aviv Museum, Barranquilla Jazz Festival, Colombia; Bansko Jazz Festival; Bulgaria, Nisville Jazz Festival; Serbia, and Toronto Jazz Festival. Musical energy and the exchange between audience and a song or band can be such a crucial lifeblood for a composer gathered in the name of fulfilling exhilarating music for music fans. Some of this applies to melodic Jazz absence of vocals. Boston based Jazz Trio Assaf Kehati Trio seems to have a firm hold on making a connection with listeners and extolling positive energy through his music. This breathtaking 9 Track release “Naked” coupled with his past experiences as long as my arm creates a delightful melting pot of fun sounds and musical styles that will warp many into musical submission without even trying. From the East coast to the West coast this CD covers it all and is a timeless 9 tack collection showcasing an eclectic variety of influences and experience within each and every track.

Some Influences may be: Jimmy Bruno, Jimmy Raney, Return to Forever and Allan Holdsworth.

We start off with the intro “Song for Saba” a brilliant slow moving statement that wasn’t what I expected for the lead off track – yet a bold stroke nonetheless makes a great first impression with the listener. But Kehati takes this style of music to a whole new dimension with other impressive offerings like “Naked” and epic “Beneath the Almond Tree” and “Long Agoi and Far Away” which also features solos by other members of the trio. “he Horses’ Flight” and “Someday My Prince Will Come” are two amazing tracks. I can’t claim to be an expert on Jazz or even pretend to know what’s up with artists like Kahati, however I do however listen to Flo Rida, Calvin Harris, Avicil, Jack Back and Talo Cruz. Basically I get the impression this form of High End jazz is popular for 2 very important reasons. 1: it’s extremely stimulating to the senses, and 2: the emotional impact is real and limitless – very much like life itself. There is some really sweet placement of flowing bass, solo movements, drums throughout “Naked.” Some songs you can crank up the volume a bit like on electrifying “The Horses’ Fight” and “”When Will the Blues Leave”. I played these two track at a loud volume and it created an almost euphoric effect when dancing especially if you are slightly inebriated – hint. All songs really bring Kehati’s amazing and intricate guitar style to the forefront. Remember the first paragraph – it’s the combination of all of the above that can create an exhilarating music for music fans. This is why I feel many are drawn to this style of music. It’s got the best of both worlds – Jazz and Blues.

This third release by Kehati is actually amazing, vivid and a constant 9 track staple. I even suspect Smooth Jazz and Blues fans will love it as well. It’s an elite level production and a bit timeless. Kehati’s talents are worth notice. These 9 tracks featured on “Naked” are exactly that and have a little something for everyone. It’s well worth the listen or purchase via the link below. In the end it sets the highest standard for modern mainstream jazz-pop, but above all its give you a shimmering fleeting glimpse of heaven itself.

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– Gail Francis. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.