Janice Marie Singleton Croons the Big Apple

Janice Marie Singleton ReviewIf you’re out in New York City, you’ve likely come across Janice Marie Singleton belting out a tune or two in her soulful way. “Funny Valentine” is a live track. You can hear the hints of life in the background as well as the the realness of the piano. It comes across as a raw track that lets you really hear what Janice can do when put on a stage. That’s the feel we get as we start to dive deeper into her music. “I’m Beginning to See the Light” is a little low on the music end, but her vocals are clear. She really lets loose in “God Bless the Child.” It’s here that she belts it out and the power in what she can do with her voice comes through like glass. We step away from the live material and get into some more structured studio tracks with “Sweet Bitter Love” and “Low Down, Slow Down, So Down Blues.” With these you hear a more constructed performance that’s got more pizazz to it. Nevertheless, whether or not Janice Marie Singleton is belting it out live or fine tuning things in a studio one thing is clear…She can sing and has the vocal chops that are clear cut and made up of soul. If you like old school R&B and love to feel the music when it’s sang, check out this Big Apple talent today. (https://soundcloud.com/janice-marie-singleton/)