Tune In for Mikki Radio

Mikki Radio ReviewNew York is the place Mikki Radio has to be with his metropolitan pop ways. “Shivers” does indeed send some tingles through your body. The way the words are delivered are soft but at the same time carries a weight that makes you feel above the music. It’s a weird feeling. Off his “Youth” EP “Predator” sets you up for some really cool pop vibes. It sounds like pop that’d be played at an ultra VIP club. It’s not for the dance floor but rather for chilling out in the lounge. While that’s for the chill zone, “Rebel Rouse” off that same record is not. It has a bit more energy and will definitely get the crowd moving. The title track from that EP does that same. It is a great way to close this piece out as it encompasses all we’ve come to know is true about Mikki Radio. He’s got this calm pop aura but at the same time likes to cause movement in his audience. If you like your pop less bubblegum and more mature, check out Mikki Radio. (https://soundcloud.com/mikkiradio)