Aussie Rap Artist Breaks The Glass Ceiling With Brazen Single Drop

Melbourne, VIC, Australia — The Australian Music Industry seems to pale in comparison when compared to the magnitude of the US.

Independent Rapper ‘Trix William’ re-iterates the necessity of the grind despite it seeming redundant to attempt to garner attention on a global scale.

For him, the appraisal of the industry leaders, or lack there-of, is inconsequential, he’d rather not live then fail to put out anything at all.

‘Transmute’, Trix William’s latest single, encapsulates this vibe perfectly, check it out.

Melbourne based Rapper Trix William has been at the forefront of the city’s local hype since he moved there in 2016, respected in the rap scene for his intricate flows and thoughtful lyricism.

From then until now, international opportunities have arisen for the aspiring young emcee, including when he travelled to Miami Florida in 2019 to showcase his sound at Coast2Coast’s annual comp and conference, after being selected to compete by a panel of esteemed executives and local dj’s off the back of a live performance.

Many roadblocks have been overcome since the lapse of Australia’s lockdowns and restrictions on the music industry, Melbourne was not spared with its citizens enduring some of the worlds harshest lockdown conditions in the world, as well as the longest.

Trix William has bounced back with an array of fresh releases (Bad Intentions, 2 Much Drip, and OOOWAY, all of which he recorded himself, reinvigorating his presence and his sound.

“The introductory synth-line to ‘Transmute’ came to me in a dream, and when i woke it was just stuck in my head on repeat. I learnt to produce my own shit on FL Studio, i had a whole weekend to kill where that synth just led into this anthemic accordion riff sound that i built the whole track off of. Everything else was effortless from there. Transmute is about grinding for your goals and turning your thoughts into gold.”- TRIX WILLIAM

‘Transmute’, is made to be cranked, cementing with conviction that emcees down under can bring worldwide appeal and relatability too.  Be sure to check out his other joints too.

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Blake Walsh, A.KA ‘Trix William’ has been writing rap songs since 2006, as a bored teenager.

His sound has replicated the styles of the G.O.A.T.S, such as Andre 3000, Eminem, Nas, to name a few.

Throughout his whole career, his music has flexed, with a sheer focus of defiance, on the ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome” prevalent in the Australian Music Industry.

Trix endeavours to stay true to his roots growing up on the far northern coastline of NSW, a paradisiacal part of Australia, and as a fiery story teller with all matters concerning the heart, and the art.

Trix’s deepest motivations and inspirations are often revealed to his truest fans symptomatically, capturing the imagination of Gen-X’ers and Y’s alike. Fast, dramatically visual, and choppy with his rhyme schemes,  Trix wishes to both celebrate life and interpret it through the dopest tracks.


Name: Blake William Walsh
Address: 18 ELM STREET, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0404759587
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