Authentic Hip Hop and R&B Rooted Within Consistent Persistence: Oklahoma’s Slept-On Talent MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO Set to Soar

After honing his R&B skills and talents for years, rising artist MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO is driven to surge towards success, marking his fantastic rise from downtrodden depths towards a world of success.

Tulsa, Oklahoma –  July 30th, 2021  – Set to become the face of authentic Hip Hop music, MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO is driven to achieve all his goals. Inspired by the moving life and support of his uncle Nookie, who was wrongfully accused and imprisoned in the Georgia penal system, and his aunt Kelley who stood by him throughout his upsurge, the rising artist remains inspired to craft original music.

Characterized by emotions that are both raw and authentic, MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO believes his music will resonate within listeners of R&B and Hip Hop, who have become tired of the mainstream mass studio-produced music, backed by a lot of money. Bringing back a much-needed breath of fresh air and substance to the genre, the talented artist hopes to inspire listeners with a diverse style and memorable vibes, hoping to provide people with a channel to escape the dark and feel more alive.

“My sound is unique mainly because it’s a fresh sound, [which is] not regurgitated, its unique because its real, because of how it heals and pays my bills,” says MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO regarding his newest release.
Counting his mother as his biggest motivation- someone who would make it every day without letting him know and see how hard it really was- and by anyone who has suffered yet stayed resilient, such as homeless people, the artist hopes to send ripples in the world of music. Currently, MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO is also calling on all those who wish to donate to his cause through the cash app: $DAKAPRIO.

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Fresh out of the penitentiary, ex-gang member MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO is on the right track towards success. Doing music since he was just five years old, MEEZY won his first trophy lip singing LL Kool J , and has since then continued to grow and excel. The artist began recording himself since 2018, after he was released, after working several jobs to set up his own home studio, chasing a dream that is still on the run.
Having faced a series of struggles and challenges in his life, the dynamic artist hopes to become a successful artist to support himself, his loved ones, and all those who need money. Hence, through his musical journey, MEEZY FETTACHINNI DAKAPRIO wishes to follow his passion for giving to people as well.



Name: Meezy Fettachinni Dakaprio
Email Address: [email protected]