Autopilot releases new music

Desert Dreams: A promising album by Autopilot

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Autopilot, the indie, alternative rock band, based out of Saskatchewan offers their latest band album, titled ‘Desert Dreams.’

‘Distant Dreams’ is produced by produced, recorded and mixed by S.J. Kardash at Full Color Studios in Saskatoon and mastered by Dave Greenberg at Sonopod Mastering in St. Petersburg, FL. The band has received commendable reviews from eminent personalities. For instance, Chris Morin of Ominocity, speaking about the band, said, “Recalling various power-pop trio influences, Autopilot have developed their own unique sound within Saskatoon that defies being pinned down to one genre.” Not just good reviews, but the band has managed to score well on the charts as well. Within the very first week of its release, the album ‘Distant Dreams’ debuted in the National Top 50 Earshot charts and was added to SiriusXM’s Iceberg Radio.

The album contains seven tracks, two of which are title tracks, each with a completely different tone of musical content. The other tracks of the song are equally commendable as the title tracks.The main element that one observes in each of these tracks is that each one is guitar driven with rich and powerful music driving the course of all the tracks. The band is known for using a bow on the guitar, which gives a magical touch to the music. There’s really so much to talk about the way the music is composed in each of these tracks, as the strings have a prominent presence in each of the songs. The best part about the album is probably the fact that though there seems to be some kind repetitive elements in the song, the strings give it a unique touch for every song. The music brings out the effervescent quality of the album and the rhythm of the tracks. The artists, even though could have worked on other aspects of the tracks, especially in the track, “Battles,” which seems rather monotonous, the one thing that keeps the act together is the instrumentals. The band has managed to re-live the alternative genre theme of the yesteryears, bringing out the true aspect of having a mellow aspect to the song somewhere in the background.

Each of the songs tells a different tale, paint a rather serene picture with well written lyrics.Coming to the downside of the album, the album lacks the quality of grabbing the listener’s attention in the first go. The album is more of an acquired taste, which catches on to you the more you listen to the track.

Album Rating: 7/10


– Catherine Cady