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Shannyn Casino ReviewShannyn Casino has a sound that’s stylish and sexy all at the same time. “Soldier Love” is for fans of Usher, most definitely. It has this R&B pop flare that will make you move and groove all at once. His vocals are on point, but the tempo allows for it to be a dance track as well. S-Dub helps out on “Rewind.” In this one the start has this elegant start that’s met with a mystery in the vocals. Then he comes through with that smooth delivery. One listen to “Christina” and many will want that to be their moniker. The romance and seduction in this one will make anyone weak in the knees. The same can and will be said about “Luv U Like Me.” From top to bottom, side to side – Shannyn Casino is an artist who knows how to get the job done the first time around. He would be smart to try out for one of those singing competitions and give his touch to the likes of some Ne-Yo. If you’re a fan of modern R&B, check out Shannyn Casino today. (


  1. Cherie
  2. SaReena Freeman
  3. Kimberley Moore
  4. Anita Shahdad
  5. Keyona Belk