Jill On Keys: Piano & Beats

Jill On Keys ReviewJill On Keys’ “Piano & Beats” album takes the elegance of the piano and tosses in some modern ways. It opens up with “So Inspired” and it sounds like a track that would welcome you to a classy affair at a party downtown in a metropolitan area. The lights are dimmed, the wine is flowing and the conversations are nothing but secure. “Flavor of Favor” is where that modern feel comes into play. That back beat really sticks out and makes it so you would and could hear a track like this backing a song made by the likes of Common. It has a Neo-Soul vibe. In “No Time for Time” the same can be said, it has this sass to it. As the record winds down, “Abandoned Dreams” does the trick. All the tracks have this calming effect, but this one especially. It just allows the listener to lose themselves in the music. Last up and capping off the album is the fittingly titled, “End to Begin.” This one sounds like where we started. It has that elegant aspect and rounds out the record nicely. If you’re a fan of piano music but with a modern twist, check out Jill On Keys’ “Piano & Beats,” out now. (https://www.jillonkeys.com/)