AV Super Sunshine Drops New Single/Video

AV Super Sunshine’s momentum hasn’t slowed down for anything in the last few years – from pandemics, popular trends in the industry, even a class of critics completely divided on how to brand his work, nothing has been able to impede his consistent growth and credibility within an expanding American underground. This fall, he’s back at it again with a new single and music video in “Baby Goodbye 2020” that seems all too appropriate for the times we’re living in today, and from my own perspective, I think it could be some of his darkest (re-worked) material yet. 

WEBSITE: https://www.avsupersunshine.com/

The groove here is really heavy, almost to the point of feeling a little absurd when juxtaposed beside the relatively flexible lead vocal AV is putting down up top, but I think the song was stylized like this as to show us just how well our leading man can work with weightier melodies (which is something many critics had wondered aloud about in the past). He isn’t shying away from something a little bolder in shape, size and tonality in this performance, and that’s part of the reason why I think he’s turning a corner and adopting some of the Nick Cave-esque influences behind the board that he’ll need for the next chapter of his career to really connect with fans. 

“Baby Goodbye 2020” is met with an oversaturation of visual polish in the music video made in support of its release this season, almost as if to intentionally create surrealism through obvious plasticity. The concept is very highbrow but not above AV Super Sunshine’s paygrade; after all, anyone who remembers Candyland knows this is a guy you can’t expect to stay aesthetically stationary for very long in the studio. He has to experiment much as you and I have to breathe air, and that’s being reiterated with immense zeal here. 

If you thought you’d heard just about everything AV Super Sunshine is capable of doing by now, you’d better think again and get ready for the fabulous beats of his latest treat in “Baby Goodbye 2020.” There haven’t been many indie artists to embark on the ambitious journey this man and his collaborators have been on in the last couple of years, but while the competition has started to back off a bit, I don’t hear or see AV getting complacent for a second. He’s as focused as ever, and offering up another golden tune in this most recent studio cut. 

Zachary Rush