Minus Gravity Announce New Release Is On The Way 

‘All Rise’ Out Soon 


Atlanta, Georgia – April 30, 2020 – Three best friends found their way to one another as kids, went through a realization in college, and later set out to make music together as Minus Gravity. With two albums already out in the world, Minus Gravity is proud to announce a third is on the way.

Minus Gravity is currently working on their third release, ‘All Rise.’ It will follow their 2019 release, ‘Nothing Can Hold You Down.’ 14 tracks deep, ‘Nothing Can Hold You Down’ was a pristine effort made by the Atlanta trio. Songs like “No New No Atl,” “Strip Down,” and “She Got a Bag” set the bar for the record and the group, but they are ready to go above and beyond with their next album, ‘All Rise.’ While audiences wait for the new record to drop, they can get their Minus Gravity fix with not only their previous releases but a new video for “Nowhere To Run,” a song from their 2016 debut, ‘9.’ The timely video showcases what is currently going on in the world as we all face the COVID-19 situation. 

Minus Gravity is made up of Apollo (rapper, singer, engineer, producer), Blaze (rapper, engineer), and Rob Wil (singer, engineer). They met as three young bucks in San Antonio, went to college out in Atlanta, and then realized a year in that higher education just wasn’t a great fit. With that, they packed their bags and headed west to Los Angeles to pursue music in 2015. A year later they dropped their debut and are now back in Georgia and focusing on their next steps.

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, featuring “Nowhere To Run” on their site, or interviewing Minus Gravity for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Minus Gravity, please visit: https://www.9pointblueprint.com 


Minus Gravity has announced they are working on a new album, ‘All Rise.’ 

Minus Gravity
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