Twyla Hill Is Uplifting With Latest Single “He Lives” 

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Florida – April 21, 2020 – Every step life has taken Twyla Hill has been because of the songs that she writes and produces while in the presence of God, and her children who help with the compositions. Together they have created some moving pieces, including her latest, “He Lives.” 

Having grown up in the church, Twyla Hill has always been able to write with her heart and soul at the forefront. A creative person, she’s always been able to work outside of the box and write about her life and spiritual experiences with ease. Her second 2020 single, “He Lives” was penned a decade ago but is as timely as ever. While she wrote it with a newborn in one hand and a pen in the other all those years ago, “He Lives” now resonates as the world continues to adjust to the new reality COVID-19 has created. 

With many establishments closing their doors due to safety concerns, churches too had to follow suit and resort to online methods. While it hurts many who rely on their various services, Twyla Hill’s “He Lives” is a reminder that we are the church, not the four walls of our respected churches. As long as one has the Lord living in their heart, they’re never far from him. He lives in us, and therefore, we can let him lead us no matter where we are, or where we pray. 

As 2020 continues to be tricky for musicians who cannot perform in the traditional sense, Twyla Hill’s music is available now on all digital outlets, as well as the Gospel Grind internet radio station. During her time at home, safe, she will be working on new material as well as live videos. 

Those interested in adding new gospel music to their playlists, featuring “He Lives” on their site, interviewing Twyla Hill for their podcast, site, or radio show, or having her perform via video for an online showcase can reach out via the information provided below. 

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As COVID-19 continues to keep many of us from our usual Sunday home away from our home away from home, church, Twyla Hill reminds us with “He Lives” that the Lord is with us now more than ever. 

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