Balliztic Is Not Stopping Till He Gets To The Top

Balliztic Is Not Stopping Till He Gets To The TopBalliztic, one of Bronx best up and coming MC’s, has released an dope mix tape titled “Crossroads”. After taking a listen, I can honestly say it’s one of a kind. It mixes “old-school” with the “new-school” and does it flawlessly.Coming from the birth of Hip Hop Balliztic has been immersed in music since childhood, which shouldn’t come as a surprise judging from the talents he has. “Till The Sun Comes Up” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The great flow, style, and originality are impressive. The lyrical content shows how motivated Balliztic is as he says “till the sun comes u[ I be holding sh*t down.” His timeless story telling is enticing and will leave people wanting more. If you want a sample of what the mix tape sounds like, I recommend listening to “Stronger” this has all the qualities of the album in one. The high pitched voice during the voice chanting “I get stronger” is the icing on top of the cake. The track shows the wide spectrum of talent this guy possesses then tops it off skin tingling production. With his new label “Store Manager Entertainment” Balliztic has the outlet to release his own music without anyone to deny him the right to do so. I see great things in the future for him. You can download his mix tape at