Christina Custode The Singer Songwrite With The Voice Of An Angel

Christina Custode is effortlessly fighting her way into the singer songwriter world. Her voice is angelic, sultry, and full of passion. Her piano driven music is beautiful, full of images, and will separate her from the rest. She has studied and played music through out her life from having graduated from the highly respectable Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, the Western New York music scene has been nothing but kind to her. She has released a few albums that were both praised by fans and critics. With every album, she explores a different genre of music not limiting herself as a singer songwriter who only does love songs. Her most recent album “Mirror” dabbles in the blues genre. It’s a playful album with strikingly haunting ballads. A good mix for any experiment with blues. From the opening notes on Wasting My Time, where Christina’s virtuosity on the piano is presented to the world, a signature sound that can be heard through all her albums. Her piano skills is not her only strength, on the song Nothing, Christina’s magical voice enthralls her audience and holds them hostage in daze of tempting music.A bluesy beautiful setting where you picture yourself sitting on the back porch staring into the mountains is felt from the music and lyrics. The album is a treasure and no sing should be skipped. You might even feel the need to listen to it over and over, it’s really that great. The timeless quality of her music will help her endure through the saturated industry of fabricated singer songwriters. You can scope out her music here