Years Of The Songs Bringing Us Rock And Roll With A Touch Of Gospel

Years Of The Songs Bringing Us Rock And Roll With A Touch Of GospelBarry Rice has written music for many years leading him to create the group Years Of The Songs. The group is heavily influenced by country, rock, and contemporary christian music. Years Of The Songs is by all means no gospel group, but praise for Jesus is a popular subject matter so is love. Barry Rice is a talented individual and produces and writes all his music. Another talent are his guitar skills. In the song “That’s What Jesus Wants” at the 1:34 mark, we are treated with a riff that will bring you back to the good ol days of rock and roll. Although, his music does not embody that his guitar playing sure does. He is not afraid to throw in some out of this world chops and riffs. The subject matter of the song is very uplifting and needed in these hard times since everyone could use a little helping hand as he sings “Don’t sit and complain about the next man. Just give him some helping hands. That’s the way we always should be, That’s the way Jesus wants us to be.” Years of the Songs has a variety of styles in playing and tones through out his music. If you’re looking for some acoustic music check out “Go On Your Way.” I think I even hear a chandelier sound in there, very intriguing. Another one for the acoustic lovers is “Life Up Your Hands.” The turned down sound of the drums, guitar, and violin create an lurid sound in the background as Barry’s deep voice sings about trusting your faith in Jesus. If you like gospel music with a touch of rock and roll, Years Of The Songs is the band for you. Go to their website to listen to many more wonderful songs