Harley Mac’s Might Just Be The Next Kid Cudi

Harley Mac's Might Just Be The Next Kid CudiHarley Mac’s LP “When Girls Eat Apples” is a master piece. Not much is known about this up and coming MC, but if his LP is any indication of what he has in stores for us then we can not wait for more music! From he talents we can gather that he is self-sufficient, independent, and is a lyrical monster that explores the different realms of hip-hop in terms of production. All 3 songs offer something completely different that will make you question what kind of rapper is he? Is he best compared to Andre 3000 or Tyga? Maybe both?

The opening track “It’s Not Your Fault” opens with the most persuasive brass section leaving your jaw rolling to the floor as it is totally unexpected. The vocals of J Wes also opening the track with “Baby don’t you cry it’s not your…” is strangely beautiful and soothing. The cheery beat will make you want to rock back and forth and clap your hands whenever the song compels you too. This has to be one of the most clever and catchy love songs, why isn’t it on the radio? Harley Mac poetic flow will make the ladies swoon as he raps “One thing I won’t settle for is you settling for something that ain’t better for you. Imma make sure life’s made better for you.”

“Double Back” is the typical club banger that is needed for every album talking about money, being the greatest, and so on. The abrasive drum beats and the tone of voice will not leave any doubt of his confidence.

“Impossible” simple drum beats and Kid Cudi slurry type vocals presents Harley Mac as more than your typical rapper. His music is fit for both the hood and for the indie scene. The title of the track should give a hint as to the subject matter. What a great choice for the ending track, the order of songs is very fitting as it takes you from cheery, hyphy, to a more relaxed feeling. You can buy the album here https://harleyismajik.bandcamp.com/album/when-girls-eat-apples-lp or if you want to just listen to the songs go here https://www.harleyismajik.com/. I highly recommend it for anyone who is into Andre 3000, Kid Cudi, and Tyga.