Anymeenz Going HAM In The Game By Anymeans Necessary

Anymeenz Going HAM In The Game By Anymeans Necessary Coming from the birth place of Mardi Gras, the craziest party in the US, Katrina, and a rap scene like no other Anymeenz from New Orleans is surrounded by a culture that has seen it all. All the external and internal factors of living New Orleans has made Anymeenz into a lean mean rapping machine. I’m very familiar with the hard knock life of NOLA pre-Katrina from the legendary Cash Money records roster. Life is just as tough as the Bronx and the street life is the only promising future most people living in the urban areas of NOLA have. However, music seems to be the escape most choose whether it’s serious or just playing around-NOLA music is deeply rooted in the culture.

“Intro” has a haunting beat that sets the tone for most of records closely resembling a movie like experience. If you were to compare his songs to that of a movie, Anymeenz does not fall short of a cinematic experience. Listeners will be glad to hear Anymeenz treating them with robust beats and in your face lyrics. The freestyle to “Why You Mad” with the beat originally produced by Drake and Lil Wayne for “Hell Yeah F*cking Right” is a great addition showcasing that Anymeenz can think of killer rhymes off the top of his head.

Other notable tracks include “Shake That A**”, “Gospel Rap”, and “General Fitted.” All the tracks will remind you of days of Cash Money records. The NOLA rap we have come to miss. His has pages worth of songs on soundcloud, check them out here