The Literates

The Literates After being involved in the California music scene for years and accidental meetings AN.T.I, Vyz, and DJ- J Rez have formed the super rap group trio “Literates.” Since earl 2008, the trio has been making waves through out California when they release their first LP titled “Don’t Sleep.” The LP included 14 tracks with 12 being produced by A.N.T.I who is influenced by N.W.A, DJ Quick, and Cypress Hill so you know he only produces some of the illest beats. “Don’t Sleep” was released in early 2009 and their style can be best compared to artist like Insane Clown Posse.

The track “One Too Many” off the LP has a circus like tone. The catchy synthesizers and high volumed kick drum give it that full sound as a baby like sound echos randomly through out the song. The song combines many element and it even has a couple slowed down sections where you think it’s going to turn into a reggae song, but quickly goes back to the quirky circus sound. The song is about groupies, but not once does the group call them derogatory names that we have become accustomed to hearing. Whether the group does this on purpose or not remains to be known but I do respect them for that. It makes the song more playful. The track that catches my attention is “Graff Life.” In terms of production it is the polar opposite of the previous song mentioned. The strings, brass, and drums create a harmonious daunting sound that compliments the subject matter that is Graffiti. Many people forget that Graffiti and hip-hop go hand and hand like mash potatoes and gravy. It is an artistic expression that has always had hip-hops back and The Literates are just giving their thanks.

Having released their second album in May 2011 “Blow Your Braids Out” and supporting Insane Clown Posse on their Australian tour a few years back-The Literates are not going anywhere. Check out their music here