Barbadoro Brings Back Pop

Barbadoro Brings Back PopThose who were ever in middle school know the joys of loving pop music, and for those who deny this, you are liars. Good pop music is what makes the world go round. When my mother was younger it was The Monkees and for me, Backstreet Boys and today the likes of Bieber, Gomez and One Direction. Now there is a new group in town looking to make some noise, Barbadoro. Like Wilson Philips, Barbadoro is made up of a trio of sisters who have a California sun vibe to their sound, even though they might not be from the Golden State, they sound like a day at the beach. Songs like Don’t Wanna Talk are reminiscent of girl groups of the past who are not only pop, but add a hint of R&B to the mix; Dream for example. Flowers on My Birthday is more or less the same as the previously mentioned, and Superstitious if the star. It is catchy and that is the main component when it comes to music that pops. Gone, was not an N’SYNC cover, but it was still a great slow song to round things out. If you find yourself lacking girl group charisma in your musical life, check out Barbadoro now. (