Fallen Angel Chorus is Spooktastic

Fallen Angel Chorus is SpooktasticRecently The Purge came out and if that movie would like a sequel and needs some music, may they find Fallen Angel Chorus. This music screams horror. It is spooky, scary, freighting and every other synonym to that bunch. If that is what you are into, then you are in for a treat, if not, the you better not listen for it would be a trick. So for those of you who like music that experiments with sound textures and such, lets take a deeper look. Pathos is an electronic trip, while Inversion is what you would hear if you were about to die in a Rob Zombie flick. Most of the songs from Fallen Angel Chorus are eerie notes and whatnot, but The Sparrow actually had audible lyrics. That did not last long as Penetrate (scary name) and The Garden came up next and reiterated Fallen Angel Choruses signature sound; spooktastic. The oddball of the group was Faintest Hope. That was because it had a lighter sound than the other tracks, one that made it upbeat in comparison. If you like music that is likely to be used for a haunted house, then check out Fallen Angel Chorus. (https://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1115080)