Emyna The Rock Queen Enough Said

Emyna The Rock Queen Enough SaidEmyna The Rock Queen was not given the title lightly. This woman has paid her dues and then some. Born in Houston, TX, this Lone Star State gal was bred to be musical since she was the daughter of a music teacher. From there she went on to play guitar and that took her around the world with Chaka Khan. She even shared the stage with Def Leppard. Today she is rock royalty and has an eco-friendly clothing line, her own label and even runs workshops for women musicians. On top of all that, she still has time to rock! Emyna The Rock Queens music is full of a chilled energy that still gets the blood running, while delivering positive messages. Songs like Reach for the Sky, Get It Away and Alive are all great tracks to put on when you are at your lowest. Rest assured, these songs will pick you up from the low point and get you on the right track. For those who just want to rock, listen to Rise and put those horns up. Emyna The Rock Queen is going strong, so check her out now.